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Discover our Medical Thermography Products

We provide effective and complete Digital Thermography Imaging applications to precisely discover diseases.

A complete Medical Thermography Software


Analyse different sorts of Heat maps, Temperature data, Image analysis & metadata processing.

Case Management

Process all required steps to perform Digital Thermography Imaging with complete case history & 360° of overview.


By integrating the screening tool in your wellness you can decrease the time you spend searching for problem areas, detect issues earlier.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms

Our software provides a complete software eco-system to help thermographers through step by step user interface. The scanned images automatically analyse the areas of disfunction.

Early detection can save lives of your dearest ones

Our Breast Thermography provides non-invasive, safe and painless process. Using the thermographic images, we can easily detect the signs of abnormalities, which helps the early detection of breast cancer.

Travel, work and live in the safest enviromnent

Our Fever Screening software helps businesses and offices to detect fever instantly to ensure safety to the highest degree.

Plan your dental consultation ahead of time

With our Dental Diagnosis software dentists can predict the severity of dental diseases and recommend proper treatment.

Improve your player's performance

Thermographic images will help your healthcare provider understand, diagnose and treat player's specific injury.

We provide wide range of Features.

Case Studies

Process all required steps to perform Digital Thermography Imaging.

Image Uploads

Scan and upload images automatically to the portfolio.


Analyse different sort of Heat maps, Temperature data, Image analysis & metadata processing.

Report Generation

Create Screening, Analysis and Heat map reports within the seconds.

Not any hidden charges, choose your pricing plan

  • 50 Case Studies
  • 500 Image Uploads
  • 10 In-depth Analysis
  • 50 Reports
  • Unlimited Questionnaires
  • 100 Case Studies
  • 1000 Image Uploads
  • 20 In-depth Analysis
  • 100 Reports
  • Unlimited Questionnaires
  • Unlimited Case Studies
  • Unlimited Image Uploads
  • Unlimited In-depth Analysis
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Questionnaires
  • All Features in Standard
  • Custom Development
  • Customise Plugins
  • Customised Reports
  • And Many More

Gratis consultatiegesprek

Plan een GRATIS consultatiegesprek van 15 of 30 minuten zonder aankoopverplichting.

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  • Gratis advies
  • Denk door het probleem
  • Gratis prototypen
  • Beste technologisch advies
  • Kosten binnen uw budget
  • Consult direct met experts
  • Geen verplichting om te kopen
  • Altijd waarde voor uw tijd